"That 70's Girl"

     My name is Laura Nachman.  I've watched the "Brady Bunch" for as long as I can remember.  My friends and I participated in "Marcia cry-alike" contests during lunch in Jr. High.  When I was a camp Junior Counselor, I forced my campers to answer "Brady Bunch" trivia questions to earn extra bug juice and cookies.  

     I have a Broadcast Journalism degree from Temple University in Philadelphia. While in college, I worked as a sportscaster for the school radio station.  

   My professional career includes WPHL-TV, Donnelley Directory, and hibu. 

    "Brady Residence" was created in 1998.  Click here for its awards.

    You may visit my blog at www.lauranachman.net.

     I am married, with two children, and maybe even a dog (as Jan once said)!